The “King” of Engineering

Colleagues and alumni who remembered HKU in its struggling post-war days revered the late Professor S Y King 金新宇, former Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Dean of Engineering, as the “King” who revived and developed the Engineering Faculty.

Dean of Engineering Professor Christopher Chao 趙汝恒 (BSc(Eng)-Mech 1988) lauded Professor King’s “confidence in the power of engineering. Nothing is impossible in engineering.”

Professor King’s legacy lives on in the S Y King Memorial Scholarship in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Funds have been raised by more than 100 alumni, ranging from the Class of 1968 to the Class of 1983.

Lionel Lau 劉善燊 (BSc(Eng)-Elec 1971) spoke about the importance of financial aid. “I was the recipient of a government bursary which helped me change my life. So I know how important financial help is for students from poor families. One purpose for the funds will be for exchange programmes.”


February 2019