Swire Institute of Marine Science Marine Biology Scholarship, The

On the Donor

The Swire Group donated to the Swire Insitute of Marine Science (SWIMS) in support of scholarships for research students who have a keen interest in the development of marine biology. With matching from the Sixth Government Matching Scheme and HKU's Turn 1 to FIVE campaign, a matching grant has been designated to the etablishment of a new scholarship fund.

Purpose and Scope

The Scholarship shall be awarded to a maximum of two local full-time research postgraduate students (MPhil / PhD)annually in SWIMS.

The Scholarships shall cover the departmental/supervisors' contribution, if any, to the postgraduate scholarships (PGS) in the cases where the research postgraduate students are not fully funded by the University.

Awarded by External Body
Value of Award The value is equivalent to the prevailing Postgraduate Scholarships (PGS) for research postgraduate students
Renewal Conditions
Selection by
Type of Scholarships Merit-based Scholarships for Current Students
Place of Origin of Students Not specified
Level of Study Postgraduate
Faculty Science
Year of Study Not specified