Taufik Ali Memorial Scholarships

On the Donor

In 1963, a trust fund administered by HSBC Trustee (Hong Kong) Limited, under the Will of the late Mr Taufik Ali who served at Hong Kong Electric, established a scholarship and bursary scheme to support students at The University of Hong Kong.

Purpose and Scope

The Scholarships shall be awarded each year, on the basis of academic merit, to students who are enrolled in undergraduate, postgraduate degree, Diploma or Certificate programmes at the University. Awardees must be of the Muslim faith and born in Penang or Hong Kong.

The value of the Scholarships per year shall be made up of the following three components:

(i) the tuition fee paid/payable by the awardee that year; and

(ii) (For full-time students) a living allowance up to the maximum government loan amount for that year (Note: For awardees who are receiving the Taufik Ali Memorial Bursaries concurrently, the maximum living allowance payable shall be the difference (if any) between the maximum government loan and the value of the Taufik Ali Memorial Bursaries); and

(iii) up to HK$150,000 per year for enrichment activities such as study tours, academic conference, exchange and cultural immersion programmes, internships, research trips, and service learning.


- Applications are usually accepted in Semester 2 each year.

- Applications for the 2020-21 Scholarship will open in mid-January 2021 and close in late-February 2021.  Results are expected to be known around June 2021.


Please click here for more background information and sharing from past scholars.

Awarded by External Body
Value of Award Tuition fee, living and enrichment expenses support
Renewal Conditions Satisfactory academic progress
Selection by Open application
Type of Scholarships Merit-based Scholarships for Current Students
Place of Origin of Students Local, Other places
Level of Study Undergraduate, Postgraduate
Faculty Not specified
Year of Study Not specified