Prospective Students

The University of Hong Kong offers a number of entrance scholarships for the following prospective students pursuing full-time undergraduate degrees:

  • Local Students  
  • International Students
  • Chinese Mainland Students

Candidates will be considered for these entrance scholarships at the point of admission. Academic merit, participation in extra-curricular activities, and interview performance (where appropriate) will be taken into consideration.

For details of undergraduate admissions, please refer to:

For Undergraduate Students

Current Students

More than 250 scholarships are available at HKU to support current students to realise their potential and goals during their studies at the University. The following types of scholarships are available:

Academic merit

As recognition of the students’ academic achievements in their areas of study.


To provide financial support to encourage students to take learning beyond the classroom and learn through actual experiences.  These “experiential learning” opportunities facilitate the development of an integrated and holistic understanding of issues and enrich a university education. Scholarships/funding sources are available for students taking part in:

Financial needs

To give financially disadvantaged students the financial freedom to focus on their studies and other enrichment opportunities.  In addition, a number of bursaries and interest-free loans, under the University Financial Assistance Scheme, are also available. More details are available at the website of Centre of Development and Resources for Students.


Scholarships are also available for students with sporting abilities, from ethnic backgrounds or with physical challenges, among others.


For Undergraduate Students