General Round Scholarship Application 2023-24

With the "General Round" of scholarship applications, you can apply for multiple schemes by filling out just ONE online form.  Grab the chance and log on to HKU Portal (Online Applications > Application for Awards > General Round Scholarship Application [select your own year group]) to submit your application!

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions, and you will find out some useful information!

The details of the schemes under the "General Round" are shown below:


Application Deadlines:

For UG Year 1 Students

12:00nn, Sep 22, 2023 (Friday)

For UG Year 2 Students

12:00nn, Sep 25, 2023 (Monday)

For UG Year 3 Students

12:00nn, Sep 26, 2023 (Tuesday)

For UG Year 4 Students

12:00nn, Sep 27, 2023 (Wednesday)

For UG Year 5 Students

12:00nn, Sep 28, 2023 (Thursday)

For UG Year 6 Students

12:00nn, Sep 29, 2023 (Friday)