Taking the Brilliant to Greater Heights

With the aim of offering outstanding local students the opportunity to widen their international horizons and to nurture their passion and commitment to science and technology, the Innovation and Technology Scholarship Award Scheme granted support to six HKU students this year. The Scholarship, other than supporting overseas or mainland attachments, also provides awardees with opportunities to participate in mentorship programmes, service projects, and local internships.

Ng Un-I (BSc Yr 3) is the first-ever Macau recipient of the Scheme. “My passion and enthusiasm for Chemistry is driving me to pursue research in the future of metal catalysis for organic reactions, which I believe has great potential in contributing to cancer treatment. The Scholarship provides me with a great opportunity to study at Cambridge University, which I am sure will be an eye-opening journey that will inspire my future study and career.”

Civil engineering student Leung Shun-Hei (Yr 2) found inspiration during a service trip last year. “Our trip to Cambodia ignited my passion in changing others’ lives through innovation. I was fascinated by the ideas that engineers have had in solving housing problems. Having been born and raised in Hong Kong, I have a strong sense of belonging and firm commitment to improving my city through construction, so that it can become a comfortable place that everyone proudly call it home.”

It is hoped that the awardees will stretch their wings and create new paths in applying their knowledge to innovation.


May 2017